I'm Dhanesh.

I write code

and habitually push my limits.

it's less boring that way.

Sometimes, I build; often, I break,

Currently, working at March.

Software Development Engineer 1

Building the fastest version for marchtee.com

Redesigned and rethought. Simple to use.

Programmer Analyst - ServiceNow Developer

During my tenure at Cognizant, I did complete ServiceNow Certified System Administrator and Application Developer certifications. Along with that, I also worked on some realworld projects

  • Developed an Organisational Vaccination Survey project using ServiceNow and REST Framework, integrated with the COWIN API.

  • Moreover, I had the opportunity to collaborate with prominent clients like Walmart. I played a key role in mainframe migration projects, reinforcing my skills in legacy system transformation and modernisation.

  • In summary, my experience at Cognizant was highlighted by professional development, technical excellence in ServiceNow, API integrations, and successful collaborations with high-profile clients.

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing(CDAC)
Reasearch Intern

At CDAC, my work primarily focused on exploring and implementing Text-to-Speech (TTS) models.

  • Explored and researched various Text-to-Speech (TTS) models by NVIDIA and Mozilla.

  • Contributed to the reimplementation of Mozilla's TTS for the Odia language, including data pre-processing.

  • Implemented DeepMind's WaveRNN model in PyTorch as a vocoder for TTS.

Gemald Ecommerse

An E-commerce platform for paintings with extended features such as payment gateway and admin portal. Also added private routing for role based access.

  • Used Express backend server for all the API's. Used middlewares for populating user data on authentication required routes.

  • MongoDD as a Database helped me get the gist of document based databases. Used MongoDB atlas service to store all the collections and fields.

  • Used JWT tokens for authorising users on react client as a frontend. Encryping the real passwords to db. Created two major two roles i.e User and Admin for role based acess to api's and pages.

  • Explored major concepts like hooks, states, and private routes within SPA framework like reactJS.

  • The whole combination of MongoDB, React, NodeJS, Express helped me achieve greater learning curve towards fullstack development.


User-User Recommendation for Fitness Freak

  • A user to user based content filtering recommendation system for fitness freaks using python.

  • The system helps a user to find a fitness companion over the internet using 5-10 similarity metrics using the application of cosine similarity and also using distance between the users using haversine distance.

  • Used python UI widget to demonstrate the whole working of algorithm.

  • Currently, again working on this project to build working fullstack application out of it. The stack being considered is Fastapi for backend and NextJS as a frontend.(WIP)

Messenger Clone

Developed a functional Facebook Messenger clone using React Hooks, enabling state management and enhancing user interactions.

  • Firebase Realtime Database served as the backend, allowing real-time message synchronization and seamless updates across users.

  • Achieved a user interface similar to Facebook Messenger using Material UI CDN, providing a familiar and visually appealing experience.

  • Incorporated NPM Flip Move functionality to enable smooth message traversals, enhancing the visual flow of messages within the chat interface.

COVID-19 Tracker

Tracker using ReactJS and integrated the "disease.sh" API to fetch and display real-time updated cases' status for different countries.

  • Effectively classified the multiple objects of data pulled from the API based on the application's requirements. Utilized ReactJS states and hooks, along with JavaScript functionalities, to manage and organize the data for smooth user interactions.

  • he user experience was thoughtfully designed and implemented using the MaterialUI CDN, providing an intuitive and visually appealing interface for users to interact with the COVID-19 data.

  • The project was successfully deployed on Firebase Hosting, ensuring easy accessibility and real-time updates for users to access the COVID-19 tracking application.

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